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This is a place for all GMC Motorhome Enthusiasts to post pictures of their pride and joy GMC Motorhome

Owners are encouraged to document repairs and upgrades with pictures and post them here

If you want to show everyone something that pertains in some way to your GMC, post it here and send them the link

If you have a GMC Motorhome For Sale, post the pictures here.

If you want to show off your new paint job, post some pictures of it here.

If you've had a great time in your GMC and want to share some of the adventures with others, post the photos here.

Parts and Accessory Vendors
Please display your wares in the special "Vendors" category.
You are expected to help support the site.

Please email with any questions, comments, suggestions.....

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IN THE BEGINNING, GMC Motorhome owners were alone with their machines. The information needed to keep them in good repair was controlled by a select group of organizers and vendors. Then, there was a light created by the GMCnet. Information was traded and many myths were dispelled. Netters started posting photos on several, then free, photo hosting sites. One by one, the photo sites either ceased operation or started charging for their services. Many great "how to" photo albums were lost. We have wasted valuable time and content over the last 3 years (1999 - 2002) with web based Photo Sites. Now we have our own GMC Motorhome Photo Site!

Did you know there are pictures out there of how to build your own rear disk brakes, how to modify your couch so that it does not cut off the end of your finger, and pictures of tricked out coaches with extensive fiberglass modifications and paint jobs; Oh, the Paint Jobs. Have you ever wondered what a GMC would look like with running boards and Laker pipes (for you old Hot Rodders? They exist! Safety modifications exist that have been lost 3 times on the commercial photo sites that seem to always go away.

Here we go, we can index these topics / photos, six ways from Sunday, and maybe even one day collect them on a DVD that we can review on our computers at light speed. So jump in, put it all up there, and thanks again Bdub. Now when we will we get those technical demonstration videos up here.....hmmmmm

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This is a free service to benefit all GMC Motorhome Enthusiasts. As with most things worthwhile, there are ongoing costs involved. I do not intend to demand payment for this service, but will joyfully accept donations to help offset the yearly cost of the hosting service and the initial outlay for the software used in this project.

If you feel that you are gaining useful knowledge or a needed photo display service, please consider a minimum $20 donation to:

7110 Forbess Dr.
Brownwood, TX 76801

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